The Magic Dashboard is how you would manage your cloudlet. When you login to your cloudlet, you will be greeted by PKI charts, displaying important information about your cloudlet. It typically resembles the following.

The Magic Dashboard

In addition to the elements shown in the above screenshot, you will have a “splash screen” you can dismiss, containing some hyperlinks, and also a YouTube playlist that helps you configure and create an AI chatbot. Below is the entire video series if you prefer watching it here.


Below is the documentation for each individual dashboard component.

Profile component

In addition to the above, there’s also the profile component, allowing you to change what theme to use, change your password, and change some other settings.

Generate token

The most important additional component is probably the “Generate Token” component, that allows you to ceate long lasting JWT tokens, you can use when interacting with your cloudlet from other systems. Below is a screenshot.

Generate JWT token component

This allows you to create a token you can use to authorize HTTP requests towards your cloudlet, if you need other systems to have extended rights towards your cloudlet. Tokens should be passed into your cloudlet as Bearer tokens in the Authorization HTTP header.